Hunter Bobo

As we all know, putting yourself out there is a difficult pill to swallow. It is place that shows all your insecurities, faults, vices, and other words that mean the same thing (check your thesaurus under human). We all do this in some sort of fashion or another. Maybe something like social media, job interviews, marriage, or even podcast (cough,cough). 

But, few of us put ourselves in a situation where what we say is relied on. I feel like our guest this episode does that every Sunday with standing on a stage leading a congregation in worshiping. Congressional Worship is a beautiful thing. If you have never been apart of a group of people singing “How Great Thou Art” then I feel as if you are missing out. I digress, This week we have on Hunter Bobo. A good friend of mine and soon to be neighbor, can’t wait to watch the Grizzlies together. He is the lead singer and guitar player of our church worship band Sow and Tether. This guy can sing! And you will hear him sing if you listen to this weeks episode. The song is “What I Deserve”, a title that perfectly expresses our shortcomings. 

We were so delighted in having Hunter on and it was a fun time. I see him returning to The Electric Brain Podcast as soon as we set up some sports talk! 

P.S. It took a lot in me not put a Parallels song on this podcast. I wanted to so so bad. 

Sean Kirkpatrick

Since the first time I heard the drop in “Blood In Your Mouth” (at 2:50 and 3:13 equally) it’s been been on my bucket list to peg a member of Colour Revolt in a room to talk tunes. Well, it’s been well worth the wait considering that now—post CR—we can catch up to more current gems from, at least part of, the same bloodline. Today’s podcast consists of Zack and I trying not to be fanboys and us having a great conversation with a great guy. This is Sean Kirkpatrick and you should check it out. Perhaps better still is the song at the end. Right now I’m knee deep in “Love for Sale” By Miles Davis but as soon as I’m done with this I’ll be revisiting the song on this recording.

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Justin Toland

I don’t know if I can confirm this or not, but my earliest memory of listening to music was with my dad. The band was Black Sabbath and the song was “War Pigs.” I was home grown on rock n’ roll. We usually got the Led out daily, blasted “Hair of the Dog,” and (only in the south) worshiped at the feet of Ronnie Van Zant. Rock n’ roll was life and until I was in 8th grade, it was all there was. 

Matt and I had the pleasure of interviewing someone we have been following for sometime now and it is even better that we can call him a friend. Justin Toland is the lead singer and guitar player for the Memphis three piece The Dirty Streets. The one band in this town that I can confidently say is rock n’ roll.  Now some of you may be offended at that statement. I know they are not the only ones that play rock n’ roll in Memphis, but they are the only ones that I know personally that give a shit about it. There is no underlying purpose with these guys. Their purpose is the music. Good music. 

Electric Brain Preview

Welcome to The Electric Brain Podcast “Season 01 Preview” show! We are excited to share with you what we have been working on for the last 6 months. It was a lot more involved than we expected. Regardless, the time has come and over the next seven weeks we will have the pleasure to be presenting our first season of The Electric Brain Podcast. This season we will be talking with singer/songwriters about how and when they began writing music, how it has affected their lives, and what goes in to writing a song. 

We have had the joy of meeting some great musicians and even greater people. On bat for this season we have Justin Toland from the Memphis Blues Rock band The Dirty Streets! Justin dives into how the band was formed and how they are still rocking like they where since the inception of the band. Sean Kirkpatrick of the band Greater Pyrenees and formerly Colour Revolt comes to discuss what being in Colour Revolt meant to him and how “having one more record in him” led to where he is now. Hunter Bobo of Sow and Tether and formerly of the Memphis local band Parallels lets us in on what its like to write music centered around God and how to communicate God's message through songs. Julien Baker a solo artist that has burst onto the scene shows us just how life comes at you at a high speed and to embrace and understand the moment. (She was and absolute delight) Andrew Bryant a solo artist and member of the band Water Liars joins us to shed light how much music can actually come from sitting on your front porch. Finally we have Will Stull A.K.A. Cool Guy Will, Will the Chill. You’ll just have to tune in and experience. 

Thank you so much for taking time our of your day to listen and support this project. Please follow us on Twitter @electricbrainpd and we are on Instagram under The Electric Brain Podcast.